March 1, 2023 - Issue 8

March 1, 2023 - Issue 8

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ALI WONG - Gets Dramatic - The boundary-pushing stand-up tests her limits with an intense part on Netflix's Beef and a new real-life role as a divorced mom: 'Whatever happens, I'm in my first trimester of life right now'


Weinstein's 'Jane Doe 1' Reveals Her Identity - The crucial plaintiff in the disgraced mogul's L.A. trial comes forward: 'I'm tired of hiding'

Two Rings To Rule Them All? - Warners threatens Amazon with rival Tolkien projects in a battle for Middle-earth

Step Aside For The Red Carpet Influencers - Enlisted by studios to hype events, creators carve out a lucrative niche


Item: HRI-03/01/2023  Issue Date: 03/01/2023

On the Cover:  Ali Wong

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