January 23, 2015 - Issue 2

January 23, 2015 - Issue 2

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The Reign of Kevin Hart: The World’s Biggest Comic On Never Being Angry

The Golden Globes: The Parties, Pics, Gowns, Gossip and More!

Anatomy of a Contender: ‘The Lego Movie’

‘Veep’s’ Armando Iannucci on the Charlie Hebdo Attack and Self-Censorship Fears

Fertility in Hollywood: One Sperm Donor, 23 Mothers, One Big Vacation

The (Age) Defiant Ones: A Tale of Tightening, Brightening Snail Slime and Pearl Proteins

On the Cover: Kevin Hart

Item: HRI-01/23/2015 Issue Date: 01/23/2015

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