May 20, 2016 - Issue 15

May 20, 2016 - Issue 15

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My Life as a Loudmouth (Long Before Donald Trump) by Ricky Gervais

The Writers - Sex, race, condoms, age: A-list overshare on the Showrunner Roundtable

This Time My Finale Won't Suck by Damon Lindelof

TV Producer of the Year: Greg Berlanti

All About The Upfronts - Weakness inside the $9B cash grab, Agents brutally assess the networks, And, yes, where to eat!

Shane Black is Back. Again - The rise and fall and rise of the Lethal Weapon wunderkind


On the Cover: Ricky Gervais

Item: HRI-05/20/2016 Issue Date: 05/20/2016

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