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2016 - Issue 26

Oprah & Ava 

The friends talk frankly about Hollywood inclusion (and please do NOT say 'diversity'). 'Everybody gets caught up in the hashtag,' says Winfrey, whose Queen Sugar series with DuVernay isn't 'an education' — just a great story. 'If you treat being black as a plight,' says the director, 'it impacts your creativity'

Fox New Family Spat - James Murdoch and Dad at odds over its future

Angry on Set! - The Rock vs. Diesel, Mayhem on Criminal Minds

Philanthropy 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio & the Malaysians - The Connection to his Foundation

On the Cover: Oprah Winfrey & Ava DuVernay

Item: HRI-08/26/2016 Issue Date: 08/26/2016