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2016 - Issue 28

Toronto 2016

The Tortured Tao of Tom Ford

The designer turned director stokes consumerism yet hates it (a theme of his film Nocturnal Animals), disdains wealth but has it and has fought depression with no professional debilitation: 'There isn't an hour that goes by that I don't think about death'

+ 9 market titles that matter

Oliver Stone on Snowden

The future of festival deals after Birth of a Nation woes 

Where to eat, play and buy pot (you know who you are)

Studios' Fear After Summer - Box-office warning: 'A widening of the haves and have-nots'

The Beverly Hills Face-Lift Falls Flat

On the Cover: Tom Ford

Item: HRI-09/16/2016 Issue Date: 09/16/2016