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2016 - Issue 31

The 25 Power Authors

Emily Blunt's descent into alcoholic darkness for The Girl on the Train, adapted from Paula Hawkins' novel 

The Writers who have Hollywood hanging on their every word

Agatha Christie's new plot twist: an attempted comeback

Money 2016

  • Salary Report: Who's making what right now
  • The town's top business managers
  • Fan Cons: How to take 'garbage bags full of $20s home'

Exclusive - Kavanaugh & Brunetti - The bros reveal their plans for Relativity 2.0

What, You Haven't Built a Bunker Yet? - Bigly! L.A.'s 1-percenters prep for terrorism, Trump

On the Cover: Paula Hawkins (left) and Emily Blunt

Item: HRI-10/07/2016 Issue Date: 10/07/2016