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2016 - Issue 36


Fox News' superstar isn't one to blink, whether in a standoff with Donald Trump, Roger Ailes or even someone with the last name Murdoch as the anchor with a $20 million offer has everyone in the media (and now D.C.) guessing what's next: 'I am trying not to confine myself' 

Hollywood Watch Guide

Songwriter Roundtable - It's Tori Amos to Justin Timberlake!

How did Ronni Chasen really die?

Coppola's Godfather Notebook

Election Aftermath - An open letter to the town by Jeffrey Katzenberg 

The anti/pro media president by Michael Wolff

Pass the Xanax! Survival advice from L.A. shrinks

On the Cover: Megyn Kelly

Item: HRI-11/25/2016 Issue Date: 11/25/2016