April 13, 2017 - Issue 12

April 13, 2017 - Issue 12

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The New York Issue

Colbert's Comeback

CBS' late bloomer suddenly celebrates 10 weeks at the top with a revealing look at an improbable turnaround, his Christmas gift for David Letterman, and anger and angst over his Trump bump: 'I would trade good ratings for a better president'

35 Most Powerful People In Media

O'Reilly And The Murdochs - Fox News, payouts and a network's future in flux by Michael Wolff

TV Anchor Roundtable - Jake Tapper, George Stephanopoulos, Savannah Guthrie and more on getting phone calls from Trump

Friars Club Under Fire - Scandal and a raid: 'Where's the money?

Plus - Culture Clash! NY vs. LA vs. DC - Food, parties, style and status in media's power centers

On the Cover: Stephen Colbert

Item: HRI-04/13/2017 Issue Date: 04/13/2017

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