April 12, 2023 - Issue 12

April 12, 2023 - Issue 12

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The Self-Proclaimed Genius of Dave Burd - is 'Lil Dicky' the greatest rapper alive? Unlikely. The comedic voice of his generation? Maybe. The star of one of TV's most subversively hilarious hits? No doubt. THR goes deep with the neurotically immodest mid behind Dave.

 PLUS - 
Brad Pitt v. Global Green - the messy battle over a $20.5million settlement for Hurricane Katrina victims

Star Wars expands its galaxy - Disney finally reveals a new slate of films. Will this one stick?

Does UFC + WWE have a fighting chance?  A merge contends with combative personalities at the top


Top 100 Power Lawyers

 Item: HRI-04/12/2023  Issue Date: 04/12/2023

On the Cover: Dave Burd

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