September 15, 2021 - Issue 33

September 15, 2021 - Issue 33

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JON STEWART ISN'T LAUGHING  The host returns with a new Apple TV+ show and a mission to dive deeper:  'If The Daily Show was the weather report, I thought it'd be interesting to do something that was more about the climate'

Emmy Preview  Who will win, who should win and how Cedric the Entertainer plans to revive the show

Paramount's Radical Reorg Amid a disruptive shake-up, will the studio stay in the theatrical game?

Battling Drag Race Bullies Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman on surviving a troll mob

'The Mafia of the Acting World' The insular (and lucrative!) realm of background voice actors


Item: HRI-09/15/2021  Issue Date: 09/15/2021

On the Cover: Jon Stewart

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