February 24, 2021 Issue 8

February 24, 2021 Issue 8

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 ACTOR ROUNDTABLE - The pressures of staying at the top of their game and redefining what success means now:  'The phone has stopped ringing for more talented people than me'.

THE RISKS OF REPRESENTING - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on what it means to speak out in Hollywood as a Black artist

DISNEY'S STAR VS. NETFLIX ABROAD - The streaming challenger goes head to head for international subscribers

(VIRTUAL) GOLDEN GLOBES 2021 - Who should win vs. who will win PLUS The brutal hit to the awards economy

Item: HRI-02/24/2021  Issue Date: 02/24/2021

On the Cover:  Gary Oldman, John David Washington, Ben Affleck, Steven Yeun, Delroy Lindo, Sacha Baron Cohen

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