February 10, 2021 - Issue 6

February 10, 2021 - Issue 6

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ACTRESS ROUNDTABLE - 'This is the decade of women championing and supporting other women without judgement'

'My First Film Sober' - Lee Daniels on The United States vs. Billie Holiday

Searching for Shelley Duvall - The actress talks fleeing Hollywood and the scars of The Shining

Misbehaving Men, Mixed Messages - Unequal punishment for Shia, Armie and Marilyn

Andy Jassy's Prime Directive - Does Amazon's new CEO care about Hollywood?


Item: HRI-2/10/2021 -  Issue Date: 2/10/2021

On the cover:  Glenn Close, Andra Day, Vanessa Kirby, Carey Mulligan, Kate Winslet, Zendaya

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