July 15, 2022 - Issue 21

July 15, 2022 - Issue 21

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DANIEL KALUUYA MAKES SOME MOVES - The NOPE star on reteaming with Jordan Peele, leveraging his Oscar clout and recalibrating his career:  'This is the point where I rethink certain things'

CHIEF DIVERSITY OFFICERS TELL ALL -  Inclusion execs talk burnout, competing allegiances and, yes, actual progress

HOLLYWOOD ACTIVISTS AFTER ROE V. WADE'S FALL - From weekly meetings to virtual walkouts

THE MANY LIVES OF AESOP AQUARIAN  He lived with the Manson Family - and that wasn't even the weirdest part

Item: HRI-07/15/2022  Issue Date: 07/15/2022

On the Cover: Daniel Kaluuya

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