June 4, 2018 - Issue 19B - Emmys - Actor

June 4, 2018 - Issue 19B - Emmys - Actor

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June 2018 Emmys 1 - Actors and Showrunners

'It Sent Me Into a Sheer Panic' - Whether they had to tackle an especially vulnerable conversation or dive into a nude hot tub foursome, 12 actors reveal the scenes that kept them up at night — and were all the more rewarding to pull off.

'He's Still a Goofball' - Eleven actors who portray some of the quirkiest guys on television reflect on why they love characters and the deeper heart behind their silly exteriors.

'All of Us Are on the Verge of Insanity Here' - Six top television drama showrunners talk about race in the writers room, shooting awkward sex scenes and killing off favorite characters ("I was crying while I typed there demise").

'He's Rebuilding His Entire Live' - This Is Us star Justin Hartley on his character's struggles with alcohol and identity, the show's shifting dynamics and his dream guest star.

Saturday Night Live's Elder Statesman - Kenan Thompson, the longest-tenured castmember, weighs in on season 43 and when he will take the final bow Lorne Michaels "dreads."

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