November 2, 2022 - Issue 32

November 2, 2022 - Issue 32

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Steven Spielberg: The Origin Story - The director and stars Gabriel LaBelle, Michelle Williams and Paul Dano on the highly emotional process of making The Fabelmans, his personal coming-of-age saga: 'I started seriously thinking, if I had to make one more movie I haven't made yet, what would that be?'

 + Apple Vs Everyone - as earning dip, Meta and Spotify take aim at the iPhone maker for its App Store policies

+ THR's Comedy Bonanza - Quinta Brunson on saving the sitcom, Adam Sandler on his enduring underdog appeal and the 50 most influential people in the funny business.

PLUS Survey Says! - Comedy starts reveal the meanest thing ever said about them, their craziest hecklers and the most played-out punchlines


Item: HRI-11/02/2022  Issue Date: 11/02/2022

On the Cover: Steven Spielberg, Michelle Williams, Gabriel LaBelle and Paul Dano

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